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To the chagrin of my mother, more talented for sports competition than for studies, I redoubled my first, second and third year in high school to finally get my bachelor degree in 1984.

Then in 1986, I obtained a university degree of technology (DUT) in the specialty "Mechanical and Production Engineering" which allows me to work in the manufacture of special machines in the local company THIRION, disappeared since.

In 1993, with the head full of ideas, I created my own company designing and manufacturing special machines for the food industry. Working alone in the early years, the company is growing rapidly thanks to the trust of prestigious international clients. 
In 1999, the sole proprietorship becomes the eponymous company "FEGE". Major technical innovations are patented such as product distributors (patented Traintonic) or accumulators (patented Accutronic).
In 2013, after 20 years of commitment for my company, now with around fifty employees, I decided to give it to a large family-owned industrial group so that I could be guided by my new ideas, as I do all my life.


It is ofter said that "Chance does thanks well", because it was this that led me to discover the techniques of shaping glass in a kiln (kiln forming glass) and to devote a real passion. It is by making a fountain with Briare Enamels that the idea came to me to incorporate artisanal glass.
As an autodidact that I have always been, I discover a new passion for the techniques of shaping glass in an oven.
I first tried fusing, then thermoforming (slumping), melted glass in molds (kiln-casting) and glass paster. After a period of learning to master the basics of these techniques, I already envision untapped or unknown technical and aesthetic innovations.

Starting from the observation that fusing is an ancesstral art, sometimes considered as "old-fashioned", I am part of a process of contemporary creation, where geometry and cosmology occupy a preponderant place.
So with my wife and my son, a new adventure begins with the creation on June 12, 2014 of the company "Verretuoses".

As a pioneer, we decided to position ourselves as the first manufacturer of wall tiles using the methods of shaping glass in an oven. It took us four year fully dedicated to research and development to develop our first collections.

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